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National Alliance March Newsletter

March 20, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

Last week, President Trump released his first budget blueprint. We were pleased that it calls for an increase of $168 million in charter school funding for fiscal year 2018. This would give a major boost to efforts to open more charter schools, and we will be working closely with the administration and Congress to make this part of the president’s funding plan a reality.

Chicago Charter Schools Are Bridging the City’s College Divide

March 10, 2017 | by Kevin Hesla |

A college degree matters more than ever in today’s economy, and bridging the gap in college enrollment isn’t just an equity issue—it’s also an economic development issue. According to a recent report from Georgetown University, virtually all of the 11.6 million new jobs that have been created since the great recession have gone to workers with at least some college education and 72 percent of...

Opportunity Knocks as Bill Arrives to Governor McAuliffe's Desk

March 08, 2017 | by Don Soifer |

Virginia’s legislature approved a plan last month which, if signed by Governor Terry McAuliffe, would create a new pathway for the approval of charter schools in areas with persistently struggling schools.

More Than de Minimis

March 01, 2017 | by Nia Davis |

Have you ever stood on a slab of frozen marble for three hours? My boss and I have. You see, though beautiful, the marble that constitutes the steps and columns of the Supreme Court of the United States are cold in January.

Ohio Charter Schools Face Major Facilities Challenges

February 23, 2017 | by Kevin Hesla |

During the 2014-15 school year, the National Charter School Resource Center, the Colorado League of Charter Schools (the League), the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools, and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools collaborated to collect data and information about charter school facilities and facilities expenditures in the state of Ohio. A recently released report, An Analysis...

National Alliance February Newsletter

February 22, 2017 | by Nina Rees |
Our country is experiencing increased uncertainty, even anxiety, about our commitment to embracing diversity, welcoming people from different backgrounds, and remaining open to viewpoints different from our own. It’s time to reaffirm what we value as a movement.

Last week, as the nation continued its celebration of Black History Month, the National Alliance brought the diversity of the...

Kansas City School Honors Photographer Gordon Parks

February 21, 2017 | by National Alliance |

Gordon Parks was a modern renaissance man. A composer, author and filmmaker, he is best known as a groundbreaking photographer whose images of urban life, poverty, race relations and civil rights have had a deep impact on American culture. Gordon Parks Elementary School, a charter public school in Kansas City, Missouri, honors Mr. Parks, who proudly endorsed the school’s mission of educating...

Different by Design: A Review of Three Papers by Nat Malkus

February 07, 2017 | by Kevin Hesla |

Over the past six months, Nat Malkus from the American Enterprise Institute published a series of three papers that compare charter public schools with district public schools by looking at differences in their demographics, proficiency rates, and suspension rates: Differences on Balance, Unlike Their Neighbors, and Differences by Design. Malkus’ work is the first of its kind to study this...

D.C. as a Classroom - at the National Museum of American History

February 02, 2017 | by Patricia Guidetti |

Every four years on January 20th, Washington, D.C. transforms to host the Inauguration of the President of the United States. This American tradition is celebrated by hundreds of thousands of people who come to Washington to witness history in the making. The history of the presidency and the storied past of how the United States came to be is encapsulated in the Smithsonian’s Museum of...

Number of Students Attending Charter Schools Surpasses 3 Million

February 01, 2017 | by Susan Aud Pendergrass |

Each year, as the holidays end and school is back in session, the National Alliance determines the number of currently operating charter schools and estimates the number of students who attend them. Figuring out the number of schools is not that complicated. We simply ask each state for the names of any new charter public schools that opened this schoolyear and for the names of any that were...

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