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I May Be Incarcerated, But My Education Doesn’t End There

My name is Brittany Rodgers, I’m 19 years old, and I am incarcerated in the Kent County Correctional Facility. I am also a graduate of the Lighthouse Academy Charter School in Michigan, which I’m here to tell you about.

Let me start by saying I absolutely hated going to public school, up until I found myself attending Lighthouse Academy - when I ended up creating the biggest accomplishment of my life out of a bad situation. I guess you could say I turned a negative into a positive.

At Lighthouse Academy, I received the one on one time that I needed in order to graduate. The E2020 online program helped me tremendously. I never really liked going to classes with a bunch of students before, because it gave me anxiety. So the online classes were great for me, because I could do my work without having horrible anxiety. I originally did not complete my public high school because my anxiety would get so bad that I would leave school halfway throughout the day. When I attended classes through the Lighthouse Academy, I had no anxiety at all. My main focus was completing the work.

I highly encourage students to get their diploma, and I would like to thank the outstanding teachers who helped me along the way. I also encourage students who have a hard time with traditional public high schools, especially the ones with lots of students in them, to consider a charter school like Lighthouse Academy. There is less pressure to fit in. Everyone is there for one reason: to get their diploma.

I thank Lighthouse Academy and the teachers who have given me this great opportunity to get my diploma, especially at the lowest point in my life. I still cannot believe I actually did it! I am so proud of myself for pushing through and completing it. Thank you so much, Lighthouse Academy!

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