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Confluence Charter Brightens Futures in St. Louis

Confluence Charter Brightens Futures in St. Louis


The power an educational institution has on its students is immeasurable, and essential for their success. Confluence Charter Schools St. Louis is known for vigorously catering to its student’s needs, from pre-K right on through to high school graduation. What initially began as the one-campus Confluence Academy in 2003 has evolved into a system of five schools, educating 3,600 students. One of these schools, is the Grand Center Arts Academy (GCAA), which focuses on the visual and performing arts and is known as one of the highest quality arts program in the Midwest. And this is just one of the five successful Confluence schools. Each school has an desire for its students to perform well and this can be clearly seen with this year’s Confluence graduating class of 2016.

Confluence Preparatory Academy (CPA), had a high school graduation rate of 97 percent in 2016, with its graduating class of 110. Many of CPA’s graduating class attended Confluence Academy schools as younger students in elementary and middle school and have been exposed to its rich educational environment for much of their K-12 experience. As graduating seniors, the total class combined has $330,000 in college aid, $254,500 in scholarships and $78,000 in Missouri A+ eligibility, a scholarship program that provides two years’ tuition for students to attend participating public community colleges or vocational/technical schools. The majority of the graduating class plans to attend college and some will be joining either military or career-technical programs.

In addition to educational success, the students of CPA are active members of school initiatives. Students were in charge of creating and promoting initiatives like Gateway2Change - a program to promote racial understanding and harmony within their local communities.

At Grand Center Arts Academy, their first class of seniors had 99 graduates out of 100 students and four juniors who graduated early. Over half of the graduates plan to attend a 4-year college and the class has received over $900,000 in scholarship offers. Several of the graduates plan to attend arts or dance academies, others will be auditioning for performance roles, and one will be pursuing a career in professional/minor league hockey.

It is clear that the graduating classes of Confluence Schools have achieved great academic success at their schools. The class of 2016’s influence in their academics will undoubtedly bring another set of great thinkers into the world. Congratulations class of 2016!

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This month, thousands of high school students will graduate from charter schools across the county. We are so impressed by everything that these students have accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Check back here every day to see a new charter school graduate in our 30 Days of Grad series. Want to share your story? Join the conversation using #30DaysOfGrad.

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