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October Monthly Update

October 31, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

The success of the public charter school movement is rooted in the energetic work of talented educators, the courageous choices of parents, the unique talents of our students, and the generous giving of Americans who believe that every child should have access to a first-rate education. Over the past month, several of the movement’s leading financial supporters have made news.

September Monthly Update

September 27, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

It’s back to school season! Some of you have been back in class for more than a month. Others got started more recently. And for many schools affected by the recent hurricanes, the start of the new school year has been difficult and chaotic. But as we approach the end of September, I hope you all are energized and engaged for the year ahead!

How to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

August 28, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

As the 2017-18 school year begins for students nationwide, the horrible impact that Hurricane Harvey has had on Texas’s families weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of students, teachers, and leaders from across the country.  We’ve heard from several of our colleagues in Texas and have begun sharing on social media the different ways our network can help. Please join the National Alliance...

A Note on Charlottesville

August 16, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

The past few days have been difficult and horrifying—from Friday night’s terrifying torch march, to the grotesque murder of Heather Heyer, to the President’s astonishing remarks yesterday.

July Monthly Update

July 20, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

Like many of you, the team at the National Alliance is using the summer months to take stock of our successes over the past six months and plan ahead for improvements.

Big Wins for Students and Families

March 27, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

Last week was full of great news for students and families!

National Alliance March Newsletter

March 20, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

Last week, President Trump released his first budget blueprint. We were pleased that it calls for an increase of $168 million in charter school funding for fiscal year 2018. This would give a major boost to efforts to open more charter schools, and we will be working closely with the administration and Congress to make this part of the president’s funding plan a reality.

National Alliance February Newsletter

February 22, 2017 | by Nina Rees |
Our country is experiencing increased uncertainty, even anxiety, about our commitment to embracing diversity, welcoming people from different backgrounds, and remaining open to viewpoints different from our own. It’s time to reaffirm what we value as a movement.

Last week, as the nation continued its celebration of Black History Month, the National Alliance brought the diversity of the...

National Alliance January Newsletter

January 19, 2017 | by Nina Rees |

Welcome to 2017! We’re anticipating a big year, with a lot of attention focused on Washington, DC, and what the incoming presidential administration will mean for charter schools, school choice, and public education more broadly. Betsy DeVos, a longtime supporter of school choice, is poised to become the next secretary of education, pending her Senate confirmation this month. I recently wrote...

National Alliance 2016 Year in Review

December 29, 2016 | by Nina Rees |

We’ve nearly reached the end of 2016! At times, it’s felt like an endurance race – bearing the loss of treasured icons, or slogging through a presidential election that tried everyone’s patience. But there have been lots of reasons to celebrate, too. I’ve pulled together a few of this year’s highlights below.

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