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From a Border Town to Brown: How IDEA Public Schools Helped Pave the Path

This month, beginning with National Charter Schools Week, we will feature stories from charter school graduates from across the country. Check back every day to see a new student feature in our 30 Days of Grad series. Today, we kick off 30 Days of Grad with an essay from a 2017 graduate of the 2016 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools winner, IDEA Public Schools. 

When I look back on my upbringing, I feel very fortunate to say that I’ll be attending Brown University this fall to become a doctor, because it was not an easy road. My name is Michael Mireles, and I’m a proud IDEA senior from IDEA Quest, located in Edinburg, Texas. 

I was raised by my grandparents, who were both migrant workers, in a small house we’d built ourselves, without a bedroom. I slept on the couch, one I was too tall for—I slept at an angle so I could tuck my legs in.

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