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Student Voices: Togtuun Munkhtsetseg

Today's featured student blogger, Togtuun (Todd) Munkhtsetseg, is a charter school student at the Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) Green Valley Ranch High School. The school's student body is made up of approximately 93% minority students, and over 70% are low-income. In his post, Todd describes how his school has equipped him with the skills and determination to enter a four-year college after graduation. You can learn more about DSST on the Public Charter Schools Data Dashboard.

Today I had the opportunity to visit University of Northern Colorado and experience life on a college campus. Since freshman year, I have had the pleasure of visiting CSU Ft. Collins, CU Anschutz, CU Boulder, and UNC. I have always thought this is an opportunity that all schools offered. However, once I talked with my friends, I realized DSST is somewhat unique for providing this opportunity.

Although DSST is challenging and rigorous because we are held to such a high standard every day, the opportunities DSST offers, such as college visits, give me the motivation to work harder than I thought I could. There are many times people have thought of quitting and attending another school, but then we remember the fact that DSST’s rigor has allowed us to be more prepared for college. Our core values (Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Doing your best, Courage, and Curiosity) shape us to be mature young adults. When I do not live by my core values I am constantly corrected or reminded by my teachers that I can do better. The high standards at DSST encourage us to surpass our limits.

Our preparation for the ACT is an example of DSST’s high standards. At DSST, since day one of freshman year, we have been encouraged to show our full potential in every situation. On the day of the ACT, I never felt more ready. Because we had received lots of ACT prep throughout my time at DSST, I knew I could excel on the ACT.

Another thing that makes DSST so unique is the community. An example of our strong community is morning meeting. Every day we gather as a school for the morning meeting. When I sit in the meeting, I feel extremely happy as I look around at all of my peers’ and teachers’ faces. I know I could approach any one of my classmates and feel welcomed. I also know my teachers are willing to stay after school longer if I am facing challenges in my academics. Their willingness to ensure my success makes me realize that my teachers truly care for their students. For example, we have a test every week for our classes and one of the hardest classes at DSST is Biology. My teacher, Mr. Wick, stays late to help me out. I can recall a time that the entire class was struggling with a standard and he held a tutoring session to make sure we all mastered it. It is these little actions that create our strong community.

I am very proud to be a raptor because without DSST, I know that I would not be as prepared to get into a four year college. I would also be without this welcoming community. I know all my hard work at DSST will pay off once I am accepted to a four year college. This opportunity could not be possible without DSST.

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