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Parent Voices: Jasmine Claybrooks

Today's featured blogger is Jasmine Claybrooks, the mother of Elyuz Lukes, a 7th grade student at Nashville Prep in Nashville, TN. The school's student body 97% minority students, and 85% are low-income. In her post, Jasmine talks about her experience sending her son to Nashville Prep, and the level of commitment she has enjoyed from faculty and staff. You can learn more about Nashville Prep on the Public Charter Schools Data Dashboard.

When asked why I choose Nashville Prep School as the choice for my son, I had to think long and hard. Initially I thought of all the easy, common answers that people go to when asked about school choices: the teachers care, the curriculum is better, they spend more time individually with my child. All of the above reasons are true, but I choose Nashville Prep for very different reasons. I choose Nashville Prep because after the initial community meeting, Ravi Gupta (Founder and Executive Director of Nashville Prep) had me excited about sending my child to school. I am a firm believer that teaching begins at home. I felt like the school would be more than just a school, it would be an extension of home for my son, that the staff truly cared about our children and I could trust that he was getting the very best education that I could offer him.

I never once before had faith that teachers and staff at my children's school were as invested in my child as I am. I believed Mr. Gupta when he said that he was fighting for our children regardless of where they lived, or what educational level that they were on. My son was not below his grade level, he actually is a highly exceptional child that was already a part of Metro Nashville Public School System ENCORE gifted learners program. Although a very good program, it didn’t extend into the classroom outside of the weekly class that they offered. At Nashville Prep, they keep the children engaged, and ready to learn, no matter what level that they are on. I also liked the discipline that they expected from day one. The expectations from the students, parents & staff are clearly defined. They don’t let the small stuff pass, so the “big stuff” never comes to pass. I love Nashville Prep and would recommend it to any parent looking for a school of excellence for their child.

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