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Media Round Up

National Alliance in the News

  • “5 Key Education Stories to Watch in 2014,” op-ed by Nina Rees (President & CEO), U.S. News & World Report, Jan. 9
  • “Independent charter school debate highlights ideological divide,” National Alliance Mentioned, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Jan. 9
  • “De Blasio should embrace charter schools: Column,” op-ed by Nina, USA Today, Jan. 1
  • “Nation's educators watching new NYC mayor's moves on charter schools,” National Alliance mentioned, Aljazeera America, Dec. 26

News to Know

  • “Study: Students More Likely to Stay at Charter Schools,” New York Times, Jan. 10
  • “Charters Add Competitive Twist to District Governance,” Education Week, Jan. 9
  • “Bill Before House Would Boost Funding for New Hampshire's Charter Schools,” New Hampshire Public Radio, Jan. 8
  • “The Future: What 32 Ed Leaders Are Excited About,” Education Week, Jan. 7
  • “Houston's Public Schools are Primed for Success,” Houston Chronicle, Jan. 6

Audience Favorites

Facebook— Tomorrow, Senior VP of State Advocacy, Todd Ziebarth will be testifying before the Wisconsin assembly on a bill to strengthen the state's charter school law. More:

Twitter— #Charterschools bring competition and innovation to school operations, read @educationweek take

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