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New York City Charter School Center Launches Replication Program

For the past decade New York City has been home to some of the most successful charter schools in the country. This week the New York City Charter School Center unveiled a new program that will work with charter school supporters across the country to help create 25,000 new high-quality public charter school seats by the 2017-18 school year by replicating existing high-quality school models.

The Replicating Quality Schools: Launching the Next Generation of High Quality Schools initiative will provide the skills, information, and resources needed to school leaders and emerging networks hoping to open new high-quality charter schools or expand their operations.

The program is intended to be launched in four cities within the next three years. The first anticipated city is New Orleans, where the eight-week training program will kick off this October.

With almost one million names on charter school waitlists nationwide, this initiative can’t come soon enough.

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