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What Do Parents Want?

One clear finding from our parent survey is that the idea of allowing parents to choose which public school their child should attend, rather than assigning students to a school based on where they live, has taken hold. More than half of parents surveyed are strongly in favor of public school choice, including high percentages of minority and low-income parents.

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Are you ready for #CharterSchoolsWeek?

National Charter Schools Week is less than one week away! Are you ready? 

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Why Teachers Choose Charter Schools

Had you told me 10 years ago that I would become a teacher, let alone, go back to my high school to teach, I would’ve looked at you like you had three heads. The only thought on my mind was becoming the next big news anchor and, like many other teenagers, how far I could move away from home upon graduation. But here I was, walking back into Principal Bernardo Montero’s office looking to start my career in the world of Academica. Without a doubt, I was welcomed with open arms and my love for education began. I should’ve known education would become my passion, after all, both my grandmother and aunt are educators.

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Come to our Conference - to 'Unconference'!

We are adding a new professional development opportunity to the 2016 National Charter Schools Conference schedule: unconferencing! Unconferencing, also known in the education community as ‘EdCamps’ puts power in the hands of conference attendees. The concept is growing more popular, with EdCamps popping up all over the country.

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These Charter Schools Celebrate Earth Day Year-Round

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the charter school movement is that charter school leaders and staff have the opportunity to design a curriculum to focus on specific interest areas. For example, some charter schools focus on fine arts, others reflect the culture of their community, and this charter school focuses on law and democracy. For Earth Day, I wanted to showcase three charter schools that are using the environment and sustainability to educate students.

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The Story Behind Oklahoma's First Rural Charter School

In Oklahoma, the political fault line is not drawn between Democrats and Republicans—It resides between urban and rural legislators. This rift explains why charter schools were only allowed to exist in the Oklahoma’s two largest urban counties in 2014 when the National Alliance and our state partners began working to expand charter school options throughout the state.

Armed with strong polling data showing that 80% of Oklahomans believed that all children in Oklahoma should have charter school options, the National Alliance went all in during the 2014 legislative session. We educated everyone we could, and had countless meetings with legislators, and community and political leaders—supporters and opponents alike. Despite those efforts, and the tremendous fight on behalf of charter schools by Oklahoma charter champions Rep. Lee Denney, Sen. Clark Jolley, and Gov. Mary Fallin, we were trounced in the House. The charter school bill died by a vote of 64-26, largely defeated by rural Republicans.

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Charter High Schools are Rocking the Lists of Top High Schools in the US


This week, the Washington Post released its list of America’s Most Challenging High Schools and U.S. News & World Report released its Best High Schools Rankings. The Washington Post ranked 32 charter high schools among the top 100 most challenging high schools and U.S. News ranked 34 charter high schools among the top 100 best high schools. These numbers are incredibly impressive, given that charter schools represent only 6 out of every 100 high schools in the country. Clearly, these charter high schools are excelling at one of the founding concepts of the charter school movement—innovation that leads to high quality.

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Announcing NCSC16 Speaker: Andre Agassi

We are thrilled to announce tennis superstar and charter champion Andre Agassi will be a speaker at the 2016 National Charter Schools Conference.

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National Alliance April Newsletter

We’re gearing up for National Charter Schools Week (NCSW), May 1st through 7th!

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Countdown to NCSW: La Academia De Estrellas

Leading up to National Charter Schools Week, the National Alliance will profile outstanding charter schools throughout the country.

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